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Mercury levels in Hawaiian Yellowfin Tuna have been rising fairly rapidly over the last few decades, according to new research from the University of Michigan and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. The work — which was done by compiling and re-analyzing three previously published reports on yellowfin tuna caught near Hawaii — found that, in keeping with old predictions that levels in predatory fish would rise fairly rapidly with rising atmospheric levels, the concentration of mercury in that species increased at least 3. Drevnick and his colleagues reanalyzed data from three studies that sampled the same yellowfin tuna population near Hawaii in , and In each of the three studies, muscle tissues were tested for total mercury, nearly all of which was the toxic organic form, methylmercury.

In their re-analysis, Drevnick and his colleagues included yellowfins between 48 and pounds and used a computer model that controls for the effect of fish body size. Data from fish were analyzed: from , from and 14 from The researchers found that mercury concentrations in the yellowfins did not change between the and datasets. Tosca acts as an EDTech consultant to international schools as well as a presenter and keynote speaker at conferences and professional development sessions.

Her passion is character education, service learning and providing opportunities for learning communities to grow. Steve is a prolific blogger whose personal blog and companion podcast, Teach42, continues to serve as inspiration for tens of thousands of educators around the world.

In addition, Steve has been recognized as one of the top 50 educational bloggers by Social Media Explorer. Steve is also a dynamic speaker on the capabilities of social networking, the power of educational technologies and Web 2. He describes a new model of Higher Education based on a redefined student body, a reinvented curriculum, rigorous academic standards, cutting- edge technology and an immersive global experience. Shimon Schocken, associate professor of computer science at IDC Herzliya, in Israel, shows me a new kind of education tool to teach math and science.

I get an in-depth look at it here. Shimon spoke recently at TED Global. After two decades of teaching, I have discovered one absolute truth: our students want to be active participants in the learning process. Today students want and deserve more. Show me and I may not remember.

Involve me and I will understand. All you need to do is adjust the questions and statements to meet your goals and objectives. Of course, these strategies may also be used to address local, state, and Common Core Standards. Thank you, Troy Wittmann Teacher www. When Ramona Pierson was 22, she was hit by a drunk driver and spent 18 months in a coma.

Talk by Ramona Pierson. Philipp Schmidt J.

by The Ohio State University

He is also a cofounder and board member of Peer 2 Peer University P2PU Opens in a new window, a non-profit organization that provides access to online higher education through public libraries. Philipp served on the founding board of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, co-authored the Cape Town Open Education Declaration, and is an advisor to a number of non-profit and for-profit education projects.

His Lifelong Kindergarten research group develops the Scratch programming software and online community scratch. Resnick co-founded the Computer Clubhouse project, an international network of after-school learning centers where youth from low-income communities learn to express themselves creatively with new technologies. He worked as a science-technology journalist from to She shares apps and resources as well how to best integrate augmented reality into your classroom.

Zach Lieberman talks about teaching creativity in the information age at his School for Poetic Computation. We are trying to create a space for reimagining what is possible. Thanks to Jeff and Chris for helping to organize this amazing event! Ruben Puentedura, founder of Hippasus, takes the stage for his six minute thought piece at the Horizon Project Retreat. He examines the past ten years of the NMC Horizon Project to help paint a picture for the future of edtech that has a strong emphasis on social and mobile technology.

Digital strategist and internet architect, Nam-ho Park, explores the need to be deliberate in the stories which define us. As West Coast managing director for Forum One, Nam-ho leads creative web strategy, online community and mobile solutions to help non-profit, government and issue-driven clients increase their impact.

He has been active in Web technologies and crafting user experience for more than 16 years, both in the U. He teaches at the University of Washington. This is a trailer for an upcoming video I will be making about the 5 best Augmented Reality AR apps available today! Subscribe if you want to be notified!

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To drive student engagement and performance across different education institutions, a significant investment of time and money towards innovation is required. How are different organizations ensuring innovation is fostered in their institutions? What are some of the strategies that can be implemented globally?

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What are the key challenges to get support for innovation growth? Come on! Computational thinking gives them the ability to recognize when and how technology can boost their own critical-thinking, creative and problem-solving skills in order to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. Rejoignez-nous et inscrivez-vous sur www. How to motivate and engage students with game based learning. Webinar outline: Calculus is critical to degrees in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM , yet it has one of the highest failure rates of any university course, according to the Mathematical Association of America.

During this webinar, Mr Thomas discusses research in game-based learning and shares tips for utilising games in the classroom. In , he founded Triseum, where he serves as CEO and leads the creation of its award-winning academic video games. An award-winning mathematics teacher in primary and secondary education, Panagiota Argyri has researched and applied games in her classrooms to inspire students, as well as boost curriculum knowledge and retention.

Her commitment to innovation in teaching and learning is exemplified in her work as a tutor for teachers to help them embrace advances in education and as an author of educational and pedagogical materials and scenarios for STEM lessons. By the time I was 27 I was running one of the biggest district high schools in the country. The best way to connect when you are far away, is often through technology. ELTjam work with learning organisations to help them build better products in better ways by putting the learner at the centre of every decision.

You can find out more about the work they do and the things that interest them at www. It supports capital raising activity through financial advisory work. You can follow them clearlyso and contact John Lloyd john. Lloyd clearlyso. You may know Firefly Learning as an online tool that brings together teachers, students and parents to set homework, track progress, share resources and engage parents. Cyril of Jerusalem School, where she also served as an administrator, curriculum coordinator, and decathlon coach.

Mary Jo has an Ed. The innovation of education in Bangladesh. He was born in Adachi Ward in Tokyo in In , his lost love and one book took him to Bangladesh. He helped students from an area of poor families to enter Dhaka University, the highest echelon of academic excellence in the country, four years in a row. He is currently committing to expand his project to all areas of the country, collaborating with Bangladesh Ministry of Education.

Propounding drastic changes in education in the whole world with his colleagues, he is taking actions in seven countries. Community members from teens to seniors, from many walks of life, came together to explore new ideas and connect with Sno-Isle Libraries in a new way through our first TEDx event. Four extraordinary individuals will be judged by your first impression. You will be called to guess who is who. There is only one right answer… or maybe not? Created with the assistance of Andronikos Koutroumpelis. Roy Blumenthal here. Probably tomorrow. Some technical answers to questions you probably already have… 1.

I am available for YOUR event. Yes, I work internationally. See you on the other side of the stream! Yuta Komiya is a satellite engineer. He was born in Kochi in , and raised in Saitama. After that, he developed a strong interest in space program development. He attended Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he was heavily involved in developing micro satellites. At the end of , just before graduation, while he was intensely investigating satellite development and writing his thesis, he found a passion for adult outreach activities. Mehr Infos gibt es in der Datanauts-Gruppe bei Facebook: goo.

Gaurav Tekriwal, President of The Vedic Math Forum, shares his views on top trends that are transforming education and how he himself benefited by using education technology. The education community is in the midst of a groundswell of change as technology transforms the learning process at all levels. In addition to disrupting traditional notions of teaching and learning, technology has also had a profound impact on individual and collective leadership within the school. A new genre of tech-enabled leadership that takes advantage of the affordance of technology to enable leadership actions that are open, collaborative and dynamic has begun to appear in many 21st century schools.

With a focus on leader influence, tech-enabled leadership transforms the scale and scope of traditional leadership structures to facilitate the distribution of leadership actions to stakeholders that were previously shut out of the leadership process. As these 21st century students graduate with a digital toolbox of technology resources that can be used to affect their leadership influence, the question becomes how will our civic and political institutions react to this generation of tech-enabled leaders? BIO Dr. We often accept the terms and conditions of our society without understanding the fine print.

Laws consisting of long legal texts, which are full of jargon, govern most of what we do, but they are unyielding and immovable in their nature. Martyn Dorey and Stephen Ozanne believe that we have reached a tipping point where the law now holds us back rather than enabling society to progress and diversify. In contrast, technology is changing at an exponential rate. Its time to rethink the future relationship between the law and the society it is intended to serve.

As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Ozoris, Martyn is creating ambitious technology to enable machines to interact with the law; an approach that could improve access to the law for billions around the globe. In addition to his role as Chief Technology Officer for Ozoris he is also managing director of Dorey Financial Modelling, and a partner of Lima Insights, a big data business for the construction sector. Stephen is a corporate and commercial lawyer with extensive experience in innovative financial services and technology. He was awarded the Harmsworth Scholarship by the Middle Temple before being called to the Bar of England and Wales and he now regularly advises many businesses that are household names at the specialist firm, AO Hall.

Computers in fact have incredible capabilities. But can you imagine living in a world where our physical environments are programmed the way in which we program computers? John Hardy is an inventor and computer scientist with a love for building tools that help people explore new and emerging technologies. Children refused to go home because technology was introduced into their classroom. School systems in Africa should leverage on technology for quality and practical education. Chibueze Ikedi has passion for tech, education and poetry.

In line with his passion for children and education, he hosted the Africa Code Week and in Aba, with children from two schools in and children from 11 schools and one church in The focus is to introduce children to software coding and computers at a tender age. Alles Weitere zum Meetup findet ihr hier: goo. When Bridget Frame started wondering about the total impact of philanthropy in New Zealand, she was surprised to find there were no statistics that covered the entire sector.

So she developed them herself, spending six months researching publicly available information to pull together a complete picture of the philanthropic ecosystem. What she found — about where philanthropic funding comes from, where it goes, and how it gets there — warrants a collective discussion, about what we value as a society and whether our charitable giving is doing more harm than good. Bridget Frame has almost twenty years experience in corporates, two years with a post-earthquake not-for-profit and two years as a grant maker; she is an active community member through three children.

Now, through her own consultancy, she is doing a bunch of interesting things with great people. How do socio-emotional aspects effect learning? How to use AI in a sustainable way in education? From UX designer Chitrak Mitra we learned that designing for children requires specific expertise on several fields. These sparkling experts of their fields kicked off Metka EdTech Hack.

More inspiration follows on webinars and in the EdTech Hack Facebook group. Join the hackathon on April 5. After years of experience in broadcasting, and a stint at Packard Bell, plus several entrepreneurial ventures here and in the Netherlands, he joined Resolution Circle in Resolution Circle focuses on technology and product development for other companies.

Gideon is responsible for the business development, marketing and sales function of the company. After years of experience in broadcasting, and a stint at Packard Bell, plus several entrepreneurial ventures here and in the Netherlands, Gideon joined Resolution Circle in He is responsible for the business development, marketing and sales function of the company. Education can change the world!

What should be our focus if we truly want to make a difference using education? This talk shares a list of focal points that can lead to change through education. He has conducted hundreds of educational workshops and seminars at local, state, and national conferences in which his goal is to increase interest and enthusiasm of the teaching and learning of mathematics.

While his love is mathematics, his passion is the use of technology to enhance education. He is the developer of Ole Miss Math Challenge, which encourages students to utilize the Internet to solve challenging mathematics problems from across the globe. Participants come from different countries. And by the way, he has learned more about education from his family that include four children across grades 6 — college and his wife Michelle who is a former elementary teacher.

What if we could eat a meal comprised of food we have grown ourselves, irrigated with water drawn from our own land and cooked using power generated on our own property? Jarrod Lyman explores how simple technology can make a substantial and live-saving impact for people around the world who need it most. Hood Territory, where he manages a social media following of more than a quarter million. He also works withPterofin, a clean energy startup that uses the simple concept of biomimicry to solve complex clean energy problems.

As a certified professional in Cyber Investigation and Law, have been associated with the Police Department. He has been working for over fifteen years in education with a consistent focus on the development of teaching and learning in higher education. In addition to extensive experience teaching at the college level, for the past seven years he has worked primarily in the field of instructional technology.

He was also instrumental in the development of UMW Blogs, a multi-user blogging environment designed to provide an academic web-authoring solution to faculty and students that is flexible and open. Jim regularly blogs about edtech, film, literature, toys, and whatever else interests him at bavatuesdays. The possibilities are endless on the TED stage. For more information on this TEDx talk go to www. Under his leadership, Cajon Valley has undergone a seamless transition to the digital age. Swetha details her research findings and how her interest in science began at a young age.

Swetha Shutthanandan, 18, is an incoming freshman at Stanford University. She has been doing scientific research projects mainly concentrating on renewable energy and nanomaterials since the age of Research has become an important part of who Swetha is, and through many years of constant research, she has come to the realization that she wants to be doing it for the rest of her life. She was honored to be one of very few students to be given the opportunity to participate in these prestigious science competitions and also win awards.

Preschool Bilingual Education

Japanese society is closely connected to work. Without a job, your cultural capital will be lost as well as income. If society is to be made by the behavior of each individual, why not go and take a step together? Jean Lou Chin is currently a professor at Apelphi University in New York, For many years she has trained pyschologists and health care professionals about diagnosing and treating those with mental health problems. Jean Lou Chin delves into some of the key problems today for why we do not have more Women and Diverse leaders as a part of our everyday lives. The opening talk and performance by gifted storyteller and violinist, Swil Kanim, defined the gift of presence and honor.

The classically trained violinist travels extensively, enchanting audiences with his original music and native storytelling. He is president of HonorWorks, a nonprofit with a mission to ignite the potential for honor among all people. Although two chapters into her Comparative Literature dissertation, Audrey decided to abandon academia, and she now happily fulfills the one job recommended by a junior high aptitude test: freelance writer.

Circuit Judge for the Sixth Circuit. Professor Onwuachi-Willig has received many accolades for her work. Bell Award, which is given to a junior faculty member who has made an extraordinary contribution to legal education, the legal system, or social justice. In , she won the Marion Huit Award, a University award given to a tenured faculty member in recognition of outstanding teaching and assistance to students, exceptional research and writing, and dedicated service to the University and the surrounding community.

How can practical education in the future look? And how can vocational students take their education into their own hands? Ingrid van Rossum has a vision and a dream to share in this down-to-earth, practical and engaging talk about a new way of learning through doing. Ingrid van Rossum believes that 21st-century skills are not learned sitting behind a desk — they are learned through practicing professional competencies in a real setting.

For this reason, Ingrid founded the Team Academy to empower young people to develop their ideas and become entrepreneurial spirits. She uses her background in entrepreneurship, coaching, leadership and innovation to guide Next Generation Entrepreneurs to finding their own path. Started coding at the age of 9, and launched his first website at the age of Launched Blix Corporation at the age of Made several softwares and apps reaching a total of 1 million downloads.

His wish: Build a School in the Cloud, where children can explore and learn from one another. We discussed the progress he made in achieving his dream and he shared his perspective on the future of education. Growing Together, a community garden ministry started in with eight families has grown to an organization which serves over families who work and share together.

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  4. Erotic Memoirs and Postfeminism: The Politics of Pleasure (Palgrave Pivot);

In the self-sustaining gardens produced over 46, pounds of produce. Started in with eight families and a small garden on church property, the organization has now grown into six gardens supporting over families. Many of the families are New Americans and new to our community. In , the Growing Together gardens produced over 45, pounds of fresh produce for the families and gardeners.

Growing Together has utilized their toolkit to help over a dozen organizations begin their own community gardens. They also help area elementary schools develop gardens and will offer a JR Master Gardener program to youth this summer. Rakel Solvadottir is a programmer and managing director at Skema. She believes children should be taught computer programming from an early age and tells us how to motivate them.

Is combating terrorism worth compromising our privacy? Student Henry Feingold tackles the issues. Henry is freshman at Lake Forest High School.


As a first-year student, he plays football, lacrosse and squash. In addition to athletics, he has wide and varied interests, including cooking, fishing, snorkeling and nature. Academically, he is interested in math and science, and with that foundation in place, he hopes to have a career in technology — specifically, cyber security, penetration testing or game development. He chooses to participate at TEDxLFHS because he would love the chance to express his ideas on a creative platform with innovative thinkers.

Preschool Bilingual Education

David Thornburg Gary Stager is an internationally recognized educator, speaker, journalist, consultant, and founder of the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute. Since , Gary has helped learners of all ages on six continents embrace the power of computers as intellectual laboratories and vehicles for self-expression. When Jean Piaget wanted to better understand how children learn mathematics, he hired Seymour Papert. When Dr. Papert wanted to create a high-tech alternative learning environment for incarcerated at-risk teens, he hired Gary Stager.

A popular speaker, Dr. Stager has been a keynote speaker at major conferences around the world. Gary also works with teachers and students as S. She is a columnist for Edsurge and blogger for Edutopia, where she writes about a variety of edtech and design topics.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

She is also the creator of her blog, Top Dog Teaching. Her work with classroom redesign and flexible seating has become the standard worldwide. Kayla is authoring her first book for educators based on best 21st century teaching practices for digital natives, due to be published in December You can connect with Kayla on all social media platforms topdogteaching, and on her student lead social media accounts topdogkids. All the technology we need to create a better world already exists — in nature.

Biomimicry engineer Claire Janisch shares her optimism for a future in which design is inspired by the genius of natural systems which capture and store energy, purify water and generate rain using the minimum of effort and materials. Venkatesh is a journalist who runs NetaData. He has covered politics, crime, business and sports as a journalist.

Venkatesh lives in New Delhi, but is from Bangalore. An amazing personality who challenged his own destiny to achieve what seemed impossible, Mr Bansal was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, which left him physically impaired and a predicted short lifespan. He, however, became the founder of Bansal Classes, one of the leading Test Preparation Institutions in the country. From the humble beginning of the dining room classes to now training thousands of students every year, Bansal Classes became a household name for anyone preparing for IIT-JEE showing favourable results year after year.

As Sr. Her efforts drive accountability while supporting innovation in efficiency, green power, and low-carbon economic development in emerging nations. His consultancy, Newspeak Media LLC, helps organizations and individuals successfully identify, understand, and adapt to the profound business, cultural and personal paradigm shifts that we are facing in the 21st century. John holds a B. There are problems, a lot of problems to in the current educational system. And the solution lies here itself! Currently serving as the vice-chancellor of Dr. He has more than 7 awards in the field of chemical engineering, has published papers in national and international journals, has written two books and is the professional member of more than 30 academic as well as industrial bodies.

Using two concepts that are related but not equivalent teaching and learning , Sofia Castro and Paulo Vasconcelos, two teachers from the School of Economics and Management from University of Porto, designed a learning methodology. By using this method the student is free to choose their own educational path. This methodology can be used by individualists, by students who prefer to work in groups, protects introverts and exposes extroverts.

The motivation and the effort under this strategy will guide the student to the desired goal: the success. Besides doing research in Mathematics in the areas of Dynamical Systems and Singularity Theory, she has collaborated with economists in addressing research questions in economics, including problems of general equilibrium, oligopoly theory and New Economic Geography. Throughout her teaching career she has been confronted with several pedagogical challenges that motivate her continuous development in this area.

For a long time he has devoted time to reflect on pedagogical issues, in particular the use of virtual learning environments. Under his watch, Cajon Valley has undergone a seamless transition to the digital age. Through inclusive planning, design thinking, and an iterative approach, Cajon Valley has achieved system-wide success with blended and personalized learning for all students and staff.

Crowdsourcing, hackathons, and, believe it or not, throwable microphones all play a part. Elliott Masie is an international expert in the fields of learning, workforce development and big data. Richard Price learned that a medical emergency occurred in a nearby office while he was out enjoying dinner — an emergency that he believes he could have had a positive impact on, with his training in life-saving procedures.

Entrepreneurs with a passion for making an impact will love the advice Richard shares at approximately 10 minutes into this amazing talk. Richard is currently president of the nonprofit PulsePoint Foundation, which focuses on guiding and expanding the reach of his life-saving tool.

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Why does life sometimes feel so hard? Simon shows that many problems in society, from mental illness to crime, can largely be ascribed to one cause: a hazy, uncertain future. Fortunately, recent scientific advances can be applied to help people clarify their future. His primary research interest concerns how characteristics of organizations and societies, such as inequality of income or leadership, influence the brain functioning—and ultimately the mood, creativity, intuition, engagement, honesty, and altruism—of individuals.

To investigate these issues, Simon has published a range of books and articles in the fields of leadership, emotion, motivation, and integrity. Simon was also a cofounder of Zenith Professional Development, a company that collated every scientific discovery that contradicts prevailing management beliefs and practices. Using this database, he developed a tool that identifies misconceptions in management. In addition, he has presented training pr This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Original number of views: Adam Bellow, Founder of eduTecher, is a passionate educator who is out to change the world.

Adam is a prominent presenter on all things EdTech and is dedicated to making a positive impact in education. As an Open Source Initiative, we will also invite the audience to join the project and become a part of this seed tracing change. Eduardo Alarcon is the founder of Tokylabs. Eduardo specializes in injecting creativity into engineering development and operations. He has seven publications in some of the top international scientific magazines. He speaks five languages and has traveled to more than 40 countries.

His favorite subjects are Math and Science. He also loves computer programming and modeling. He has done several projects using Scratch, Blender, Tinkercad and Python. He also likes to 3D print his designs. He helped with the design and testing of the Bigshot camera that his father invented. Since a very young age, Akash has been passionate about building things with his hands.

Some of his projects include an electric buzzer, a flashlight, and an eight-legged robot. He is particularly interested in the use of technology in African elementary schools. On stage, he presents this ecosystem open to all teachers for creating, editing and sharing open educational digital resources. Trust you head, your heart and your gut. Jolynn Minnaar shares what she learnt about trusting her own authenticity when undertaking her most profound career and personal journey thus far.

Jolynn Minnaar is an award-winning young South African director, cinematographer, photographer and communications strategist based in Cape Town. Committed to telling stories that matter, saw the release of her acclaimed debut feature documentary, Unearthed, which uncovers the shale gas industry from an international perspective in order to understand whether or not countries like South Africa should pursue fracking.

Still dealing with the passing of 35mm, drive-in cinemas and mixtapes, Jolynn works to contribute to dialogue in South Africa by producing meaningful art across all media. Under the name Assembled Ground, a new collective with three architects, he produced a successful entry for the Vision Competition of Tallinn Architecture Biennale Before, he contributed as a blogger to The Pop-up City and as an editor to Huisboomfeest, an urban art project by Wapke Feenstra. Olivia Van Ledtje talks about how she has used the power of social media to conquer bullying and share her ideas and stories with the world.

Olivia shows that even kids have big ideas worth sharing. She is smart about all things shark and hopes to be a future ichthyologist. Olivia is an ambassador for the Gills Club, an organization promoting girls in science through inquiry-based experiences meant to grow enthusiasm and activism for sharks. She is also a passionate advocate for books and using social media to promote digital citizenship, voice and audience.

She was so excited to be included as a keynote speaker and voice for kids using social media at the Digital Citizenship Summit at Twitter Headquarters in October. Rocco van den Berg is an innovation leader with over 17 years of experience driving digital strategies and disruptive product innovations. Rocco van den Berg is a freelance innovation lead, currently working for the Digital Accelerator of Philips, accelerating digital innovation projects in areas such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, pregnancy and elderly care. Rocco is passionate about speeding up the development of health solutions and setting up innovation labs.

He is coaching and bridging startups, universities and hospitals to launch first-to-the-world digital health solutions using co-creation and lean startup approaches. About the Talk: Video games developer, Jazib Zahir takes on the question of video games and how they present the option of a more interactive learning environment by making learning a fun experience. He is presently Chief Operations Officer of Tintash, a Lahore based startup that develops games and applications for platforms like Facebook and the iPhone.

Bafadhl comparing between the ordinary way of learning with a modern way that includes using of distance learning and other activities. His research and pedagogical interests focus on student inquiry, motivation and curiosity, occasionally using technology to fuel the process. In addition to the classroom, Musallam is the host of the Infinite Thinking Machine, an internet show dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in the classroom.

Nathalie Lecina from Studio Moio tells us that we need drop-outs to change the world! According to her, drop-outs are the best innovators ever, since they do not fit into any preconceived box. Especially after noticing that the education system is failing to motivate people to learn and demotivating them from developing themselves. Her idea could be a hack on the education system, and some other systems at the same time. She is passionate about sharing innovative teaching ideas and developing online learning communities.

She is also an advocate of technology in the classroom and considers herself a lifelong learner. Website: www. Neeru Khosla is a firm believer in the power of education. Neeru is the co-founder and Executive Director of CK Foundation, a non-profit organization launched in that aims to reduce the cost of textbook materials for the K market, both here and abroad. She also is one of the founding members of the K Initiative of the D-School Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University, and is a member of the committee to expand the program.

Neeru wants the rigor and accountability of for-profit models to apply to non-profits. She serves as a member of the board at the Nueva School in Hillsborough, California, where she has served since ; the school caters to gifted and talented students, and is internationally recognized. Neeru is also on the advisory board of the American India Foundation, a leading international development organization charged with accelerating social and economic change in India. Neera previously served as a trustee of the Pacific Vascular Research Foundation and Connexions, a Rice University open-source project.

The show covers technology and social media inventions, innovations and tech news from the African continent. Today he spearheads sustainable operations system-wide and advances resource conservation efforts along with rehabilitative educational programs such as K-9 Rescue in which inmates train troubled dogs for adoption. We strive to make high-quality education more accessible and enjoyable through our mobile learning applications, online courses, and online classroom platforms.

He was born in the small town of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province in This is also the mission Hujiang has been striving to fulfill over the last fifteen years. Twenty19 has been enabling students all over India to explore their career options and to claim their dream internships.

TiE Chennai awarded Mr. Isabella Voveris brings awareness to Autism. Smith Middle School. Zany, odd and high energy this performance epitomizes the moment you step outside of your comfort zone. Musical direction is provided by Ross Barrett and Tim Sars. Instrumentation for the band includes all range of brass, woodwinds, drums, percussion, accordions, and of course voice. The Carnival Band believe that in order to be effective, community music must be grounded in collaboration and empowering to each individual involved.

Blink Acro is a modern circus entertainment company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Blink Acro artists bring audiences a wide variety of unique acrobatic performances, custom-designed to match your needs. About this book Introduction This volume provides an up-to-date collection of key aspects related to current preschool bilingual education research from a socio-linguistic perspective. The focus is on preschool bilingual education in multilingual Europe, which is characterized by diverse language models and children's linguistic backgrounds.

The book explores the contemporary perspectives on early bilingual education in light of the threefold theoretical framework of child's, teachers', and parents' agencies in interaction in preschool bilingual education. Five significant theoretical concepts are promoted in this volume: the ecology of language learning, an educational partnership for bilingualism, a notion of agency in early language development and education, language-conducive contexts, and language-conducive strategies. The volume examines preschool bilingual education as embedded in specific socio-cultural contexts on the one hand and highlights its universal features on the other.