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Support your Australian Theatre Creation takes ideas, time, guts, skills, relationships and financial assistance. Contact Email: mail urbantheatre. As part of U. Peace Day on September 21st Merseyside C.

Peace One Day

Liverpool L1. Precise details are yet to be confirmed but in the afternoon there will be a silent walk followed by a Treasure Hunt around the city centre at 2pm. Robi Damelin lost her younger son David to a Palestinian sniper's bullet while he was manning a military checkpoint in the West Bank.

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At first Robi tried to contact her son's killer, who is now serving time in an Israeli prison. She wanted to launch a dialogue with him and his parents, but the Palestinian refused.

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  • After all, he explained, her son was part of the forces of Occupation army that was denying his people their sovereignty. Undeterred, Robi decided to return to South-Africa to see how the country where she was born had embarked on a quest to achieve forgiveness and reconciliation after decades of apartheid.

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    Fifteen years later, Robi meets with perpetrators from both sides of the conflict, and tries to understand the motivations that brought them to confront their victims and publicly declare their crimes. Was the expected pardon given by the TRC to everyone who told the truth their only incentive?

    Was it the ultimate realization that acknowledging the pain they caused, combined with sincere remorse, could really achieve reconciliation and ensure a better future for everyone?