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Andersen was like the Schumanns also a close friend of the couple Serre. Translation: Katharina Ma. Andersen, Hans Christian Hans Christian Andersen Odense, — Kopenhagen, Steel engraving, around StadtMuseum Bonn Clara Schumann met Andersen on her concert tour in the spring of in Copenhagen and described him as "the ugliest man ever", but as "spirited appearance.

Harmony Improvisator - Classic Trackmaking (Part 1)

Mehr Informationen. Ich stimme zu! This book, though old and long and containing only one uncomplimentary, extremely short, reference to the Japanese, has been, translated into Japanese.

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The writer chosen for the honor was none other than Heine. Unfortunately, there is nothing to back up this interesting report. If one sticks to what can be definitely verified, Heine must yield the honor of being the first German author translated into Japanese to his colleagues Goethe and Schiller.

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His critical works, thus, have all been translated, and by now Heine the friend of Marx, and Heine the journalist with the extremely up-to-date outlook, are also well known in Japan. It was of course after the Meiji Restoration that the introduction of German literature started in earnest.

At the beginning of Meiji, Germany had just defeated France in war and was at the height of its power, so that the new Japan adopted many things from her in the field of politics, military affairs, education, and medicine.

The import of literature, however, came a little later. Then, in and respectively Hermann und Dorothea and Werther were translated. It is interesting to note that the translator of Werther was Kubo Tenzui, the Sinologist. Even today he is seldom read for pleasure. He followed this up with translations of Kleist and Hoffmann, and within the Meiji Period had even translated Rilke.

Surpassing these, however, was his translation of Faust which, appearing in , was an epoch-making achievement in the history of the introduction of foreign literature into Japan. For long this was the authoritative translation, but advances in the study of German literature and changes in the Japanese language gradually made new translations necessary, and several have since appeared.

His translations can almost be called a part of Japanese literature. After his death in , however, the translation of German literature came to be taken over on a wider scale by specialists in German literature. Even today, the Japanese drama centers round the melodramatic, spectacular Kabuki, but gradually the modern psychological drama and character drama have come to offer it competition.

It is impossible to ignore the role played in this by the import of the naturalist and expressionist drama.

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The ambitious, revolutionary pieces were given a welcome by the younger generation in no way inferior to that accorded such sentimental, atmospheric plays as Einsame Menschen, Liebelei , and Alt-Heidelberg. Until this period translators had translated here and there whatever took their fancy, but from now on particular translators began to translate the German writers for whom they had a special admiration.

Real translation, in other words, began in earnest. At the same time, complete translations appeared of the works of Novalis, the quintessence of romanticism, and of Hoffmann, that extraordinary talent who has been called the Edgar Allan Poe of Europe.

9781501059445 - Der Improvisator German Edition by Hans Christian Andersen

A complete edition of the music-dramas of Wagner also appeared. The weighty classical dramas such as those of Kleist, Grillparzer and Hebbel were also translated to a certain extent by specialist students, but they cannot be said to have won many readers. As might be expected, the novel proved more popular with the ordinary reader, and a fairly large number of the works of Storm and Keller were translated. The fact that the works of Storm, rich as they are in sentimental lyricism, should have found more readers than the more solid, masterly works of Keller with their superb realism and observation of human nature, is probably because such works are read chiefly by young students.

It is doubtless for the same reason that novelists such as Raabe, Fontane and Stifter, highly rated in Germany, are also read far less than Storm.

Wildermann, Ansgar Konrad [WorldCat Identities]

Recently there have been repeated translations of Hebbel, also from the early 19th Century. Bonsels Biene Maja and F. Salten Bambi ; and E.

Brecht and W. Faithful translations of the great medieval epic poems Nibelungen and Tristan und Isolde have been made directly from the medieval German.