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Running out of unrecoverable trace elements. I think maybe they got to their original destination centuries ago, but it was uninhabitable so they went on, looking for another world. This might be the first one they found. Carlotta looked up. Lots of stringy protuberances hung down from the highest points. A few of them had melon-sized balls hanging from them. I'm sure they're all dead, but I'm going to want to take one ack to the lab to study. The cocoon Ender had offered them was empty.

It was just another of the cocoons from the Queen's chamber -- they had all died with the Queen.

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Ender's communication with the drones also does not explain the Queen's death. One minute she was feeding them, the next she laid down and died. Whatever happened to her it clearly prevented her from making viable cocoons. Maybe years in an old spaceship eventually allowed radiation in space to make her sterile. There is some unrealistic aspects to the story though. Basically going in blind and being able to maneuver and fly a spacecraft with no past experience and not taking half the side of a docking station off with it, or flying into other spacecraft was a bit unbelievable.

I can understand getting the feel of it after all that, but not before. And the fact that being such a young Queen, with such a young crew, that more people didn't take notice was curious. Once you get past the peculiarities, the story itself takes you for a ride. The conflicts between the crew. The Queen learning how to be just that and learning how to have her Hive confident in her. The engineering issues, the Devotes relationship with the Queen, the passenger that stirs up troubles and more just keep the reader focused and the page flipping commences. A strong science fiction novel that will hold the interest of all scifi readers, young and old, and is guaranteed to make some non genre readers converts.

Received ARC in exchange for an honest review via the publisher via Netgalley. I read the synopsis of this book and I just fell right in love with it and the cover too, that is probably not always a good idea but I am liking it so far. I do not understand what Queens do and why do hive crewmembers have to do an elaborate pledge of devotion to their queens.

There is also some of the language that they speak;which I do not get what they are saying. The one thing that makes me happy is that there is description in what everything looks like on the planet. I get that being a Queen and a commander is a prestigious thing and that the planet they are on has people in desperate need of money and stuff but still it does not make much sense. I really really really dislike Gwyn and Victor equally dislike them both because Victor is just cares only about himself and keeping him and Gwyn together.

I almost think that Victor is a controlling boyfriend and that Gwyn should stand up to him. Victor is clearly using Gwyn's relationship with Rhiannon to get what he wants, which I hate. Rhiannon has a really good future ahead of her and she has to ruin it just to make Gwyn happy which I think that it would be better if Gwyn just split up with Victor. Luciano reminds me of a puppy who will follow Rhiannon anywhere she goes and Alan is not as devoted to Rhiannon but he at least does not have a twisted motive to go and join her crew.

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Overall I did like this but I just wish that there had been more explanation to how things worked on Dyfed and what was the use of Queens and the Devoted. I still dislike Gwyn and Victor because everything could have been resolved if they were not in love with each other. Jul 08, Kayla West rated it really liked it.

Rhiannon is a Perceiver who is set on choosing her own future.

We don't know for sure.

She knows what she wants to be in society, and that is a Queen. Queens are revered, they are highly regarded, and they have opportunities that she would probably not have otherwise. So when she gets the amazing news that she indeed has succeeded in choosing her future, Rhiannon is ecstatic.

Her life is officially set. Or is it? Rhiannon will be confronted by her best friend Gwyn and Gwyn's boyfriend Victor with a plan to keep the two Rhiannon is a Perceiver who is set on choosing her own future. Rhiannon will be confronted by her best friend Gwyn and Gwyn's boyfriend Victor with a plan to keep the two lovebirds together. They will ask her to sacrifice her future for their happiness.

Choosing to do this, to go against the system, could possibly put them on a path of no return. They might not ever be able to come back. Along with Gwyn, Rhiannon, and Victor, this story also focuses on three other characters. Luciano, a hard worker who supports his family and is trying to give his sister the best chance in life she can get; Alan, an inventor of sorts who just wants a Queen who can respect him and the potential of his work; and Gavin, a dreamer and actress' son who wants to leave the Dyfed system.

This story is a journey of self-discovery for all of them, and they will have to rely on each other if they want to survive. I can very honestly say that I have not read a book quite like this one before, and I will probably not read a book quite like it again.

It was actually quite phenomenal in the story aspect and the characters were all so different. They all want to respect the Hive, but they each have their own personalities, which at times do clash. They have their own ideals for how Rhiannon herself should act as a Queen, and sometimes I felt for her because most of the pressure was on her. I think they sometimes forgot that she was learning to be a Queen just as they too were learning their own roles. This story also allows us to see a crack in their society.

Someone is starting to kidnap Queens, but we do not yet know their intentions or even who they are. What are they trying to start? A war? Well, they could very well succeed. This was a wonderful, wonderful read, and I am definitely a fan. This first book was a great start to a saga that I cannot wait to finish.

May 08, Lindsay rated it really liked it. Coming from someone who has spent twenty years reading sci-fi novels, it should really mean something when I say that it was a unique twist on a classic story. The story is pretty standard space travel, but the very nature of the societal roles takes the story to a whole new level. The whole story pivots around Rhiannon. The relationships in this book are complex and ever changing. Each character has a different reason for being in the hive, but motivations are adapting.

While loyalty is solid on one page, the next I can feel the doubt. I think a major betrayal is just around the corner… Trust is definitely one of the big issues in this book.

Reign & Revolution, a science fiction novel (Book 3 of 3) by Janine A. Southard — Kickstarter

Most of this story is told in shades of grey, and I was drawn into the shadows to see how deep they go. A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. This series must be read in order. This edition contains the first book and a bonus short story. She knows she can be a good Queen she just has to make the test ignore her natural Perceiver inclinations. The world is pervasive and immersive. This book This series must be read in order.

This book is almost completely SciFi which I find very refreshing. The only paranormal twist at all is that all members of the Hive are quite literally linked by their pledge to their Queen and will eventually go quite insane without her addictive and calming presence. Sort of like a beehive the Queen gives all the workers purpose and they cannot survive without her influence.

Obviously this means Rhiannon was always meant to be a Queen or the bond would not exist. For all her studying all she did was keep the test from mislabeling her. Mystery and adventure make the suspense worthwhile in this unique coming of age story I would reccomend it to paranormal fans the hive thing is unique and well thought out and SciFi enthusiast everywhere! He tells of the other Queens who tried to win his Devotion and binds Gavin closer to him strengthening their Hive while their Queen lies ill.

It's short and sweet and shows insights into the culture you wouldn't otherwise have. It's definitely a must read for fans of the series! But it worked! This is a dystopian read that includes romance and space travel! So, Rhiannon has just been tested and her results are Queen and Commander. There are many queens at one point, not just one. Queens need a crew. They need support from people to build a Hive. She is in love with his boy called Victor. Victor has been tested and he is a Devoted.

A Devoted means he has to choose a queen and Devote to her. He protects her in battle, even breeds with her. I think? Jun 17, Chris Torretta rated it really liked it. This was good but strange. There's no real background given about why this society has "queens" or what is really going on. All the plot line gives you is that everyone in the plot is a little desperate, all for their own reasons. In a way I understand the character's choices but at the same time I just don't get any of them.

Rhiannon half the time is inside her own head. She wants so badly to be a good queen that she doesn't even speak up or give her crew members a direction. I was really sadden This was good but strange. I was really saddened by this. Her lack of authority and the fact that she has to read up on how to be a queen for dummies, is silly. Stop reading, start doing! But technically she wasn't built for this duty. She fooled the tests and because of that she puts herself into some serious situations.

But now she has this duty to make sure she and her hive are safe I just Half the book I wanted to scream at her. Then you have the others. Come on guys They are all very young, talked Rhiannon into being a Commander and now they are curious WHY she doesn't know how to command! And then Rhiannon sort of peer pressures the other two guys into coming along as well.

What goes around comes around! So, I enjoyed the characters but I think the plot is nearly unbelievable. But I'm sticking with it and reading book two and to be honest, I am curious about what is going to happen to them. The story is easy to read even though the characters are flipping nuts. I'm involved now even if I am kicking and screaming the entire way! I got this book because I had a chance to interview the author on my podcast. Unfortunately, I put it off for a long time because I had so many non-fiction books in my queue.

Well, I still have non-fiction books in my queue but I read this and I'm glad I did. This book imagines a future where it has been found that the way of the bee is what works best for space travel. There are Queens and devoted who serve with them on their ships. This book isn't really about the sci-fi though. It's about thi I got this book because I had a chance to interview the author on my podcast. It's about this Queen, her hive and the beginning of their adventure.


Relationships make a hive and we find out how some started, how some evolve and how some are a bit delusional. After we get a clear view of our hero crew we begin to see the bigger picture of the saga. By the end of this you'll want to read the next so that you can see what happens as they explore the intrigue that is happening in their universe. Jul 30, Kristyn rated it really liked it. I really like the premise of this book. This book is full of an interesting cast of characters.

There are a lot of main characters but they are different enough and distinct enough that they have their own voices. The hive idea was a little hard to follow. It is confusing to me that everyone wants them to be in love with the Queen but not have a relationship with her. There were a lot of questions about how their world works.

But I acknowledge that this is a series and as the story unfolds more I really like the premise of this book. But I acknowledge that this is a series and as the story unfolds more details will emerge. The action of the story was believable. They have a rogue hive and need to keep the details of the hive a secret. The person they are escorting stumbles on their secret and they are forced to do what he blackmails them into in order to not be reported.

The side stories of the book are what produce more questions than answers. The characters are flawed and prone to rash decisions which is expected of teenagers. This book fits the teen genre well and I can't wait to see the characters grow and mature and learn to support and connect as a group.

I am definitely interested in finding out the answers to all of the questions and learning more about this world. Jul 29, Jo Mixed Book Bag rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , series , science-fiction , netgalley. Janine Southard did a good job of putting up the framework for the series but there is a lot left to do. For me this is like what you see when the outside walls of a building are in place. You understand the outside but have no idea about what fits in the interior. The characters were trying to find their places in the group but still had not jelled into a whole.

Rhiannon needed to be a strong central character but was still trying to learn her duties. There is a unique idea for how groups are formed and how they function. What I did not see was how this grouping came to be. The world is made up of different groups but several are only names. That left more questions than answers. The plot puts the group in a really bad situation and they only get out by working together. The action just sets up the series. There are more questions than answers in Queen and Commander but everything is in order for future books. In the meantime, Dyfed's local space fills with ships teeming with crazed crews who haven't seen their Queens in months.

Between the protesters on the ground and the seemingly hostile space fleet above, tensions are high for the people of Dyfed. It might be enough to save the planet. Y'know what? Here's a link to a section of the current rough draft. You can give it a read and see if it's something you'd be interested in. It'll have gendershifting robots, Suzhou-style gardens, the only smattering of romance ever to grace this series, and a satisfying conclusion to the question "what were those medical people doing experimenting on those Queens in that basement for two books?

I'll be using a print on demand service for these and currently plan to print a few hundred pretty paperbacks. For my last few books, I've used Createspace which is extra-handy because it's attached to Amazon, and—face it—most people buy their books on Amazon these days. Ever seen a Createspace-made book? The quality is great, and we get exactly what we want!

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