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With its 12th edition and a programming that is again packed with surprises and discoveries, the Fantasia Festival establishes itself as the flagship for genre films. I am very pleased to welcome festival goers and artists to this twelfth Fantasia Film Festival. Film is a means of expression that contributes to the cultural development of our metropolis, while helping budding artists reach a larger audience. Have a great festival everyone! Description des films sur le www. Since January Martin Bilodeau has been editor in chief of Mediafilm. At the same time, since , he has written reviews, interviews and essays for the daily le Devoir.

Ouellette is currently at work on a new fantastic project for Radio-Canada. Daniel Grou, aka Podz, has directed on some of the most popular and influential television series of recent years, such as C. From , Rougier. En , en collaboration avec le producteur Edward R. In , working with producer Edward R. Ever since his childhood, in Montreal, Deveraux has been deeply in love with cinema tilting towards fantasy, horror and science fiction. After several short films, he dove into his first features. An actress on the rise after a dozen years in cinema and television, Farley has more than a couple of advantages.

Two of her previous works have garnered accolades here and in the U. Few Canadian film careers have been as colourful as that of British-born writer, director, producer and animator Gerald Potterton. Ces ouvrages appartiennent au fantastique ou au thriller. Anna has spent over a decade working on film festivals from the Newport International and Northampton Independent film festivals and finally the Boston Underground Film Festival BUFF where she has served as Festival Director and programmer for the past four years.

She has made her home in the Visual Media Arts department at Emerson College, teaching, coordinating events and eventually managing the Cinematheque that will be opening in the fall of Donald May, Jr. Responsible for some of the greatest cult, sci-fi and horror genre releases on DVD through his label, Don has been in the home video industry for over sixteen years. Don May Jr. Elle tourne ensuite 2 secondes de Manon Briand. Un gang de trois, quatre avec le rock. Au contraire. Quite the opposite.

He finds mortal humans fascinating and sympathetic, and regards music as the finest expressions of our souls—not surprisingly, he spends his off hours in record stores. In the year , Chiba is assigned to follow and judge Kazue Fujiki, a young woman with a tragic tale and an untapped talent for music.

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The decision he makes about her fate will have surprising consequences when we check in again with Chiba in and …. Bref, il ne va nulle part. Fukahara, un collecteur de dettes peu commode arborant une glorieuse coupe Longueuil, se pointe chez lui. Were all this not enough, the sorry sad sack has a debt of , yen. Fukuhara, a surly debt collector with a glorious mullet, is on his case.

After roughing Takemura up, he gives him an ultimatum—72 hours to pay up, or else. Takemura barely has his wits about him again when he runs across Fukuhara a second time, and this time the thug has a different proposal—a walk. Starting in a distant corner of the city, they begin their trek towards downtown, striking up a conversation. As their walking, talking and trading. His simple script, nonetheless packed with amazing dialogue, casts an eye on urban alienation without cynicism, and underlines the tension between tradition and modernity.

Tu peux te barrer, Chucky. The oppressive atmosphere, the less than welcoming house servant and her clearly deranged mother do little to soothe her sense of unease. The mysterious stranger roaming the grounds is also a cause for concern to the frightened young girl, but in her father, she discovers a kind and nurturing spirit who encourages her to try to fit in. Based on a horror manga by Umezu Kazuo, whose twisted, subversive work would give any member of the religious right apoplectic fits. His unique style is consistently inventive, kinetic, and ghoulishly funny, just the right thing for this twisted fairytale.

Et il a raison. The on-the-surface-thin plot concerns a dreamily gorgeous girl by the name of, you got it, Mandy Lane Amber Heard who is the object of obsession for virtually everyone in her high school. In fact, Mandy is an absolute sweetheart who barely seems to grasp the power she holds over others and identifies more with outsiders than with the popular crowd. To celebrate the end of her junior year, she and a group of friends decide to spend the weekend at a ranch house in the countryside.

Everyone, in fact, begins to die. This film is much more than the sum of its parts. When things get nasty, the results are devastating. Ploy mourut. A friend reads her fortune and informs Pim that something she has lost will soon be returned to her. Good news, right? Well, some lost things are better off staying lost, really. You see, Pim moved to Korea partially to escape the guilt of being the surviving half of a pair of conjoined twins.

The premise is sterling, the directors smart enough to know when to play to expectations and when to twist and subvert them, and the technical end of the film so strong that it should come as no surprise that ALONE has been scooping up awards by the armful all around the world.

Central Bankers Admit that Central Banks Have Failed to Fix the Economy.

Et il est droit devant elle. Adam Wingard frappe encore. Adam Wingard strikes again! All Rights Reserved. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Alliance Vivafilm. En outre, la famille Suzuki va devoir faire un peu de place pour de nouveaux arrivants une fois de plus. Pendant ce temps, que fabrique donc le docteur Takuma?

So here it is, folks, the next round of interlocking tales from a humble little neighbourhood in Tokyo, at a fondly remembered moment in time, that has a special place in the heart of a nation since its manga debut in These are times of great change, but there are things you can count on to stay the same. Suzuki Auto and the clan that manage it is there, as is Chagawa the writer and his ward Junnosuke. Takuma up to, meanwhile?

TV est absolu et sans appel. Tous les soirs, Mr. Il a pris leurs voix; il veut leurs mots, maintenant. Quite literally, in fact. The residents of this nameless, retro-futuristic realm have lost their speech thanks to the insidious machinations of Mr. TV, the evil commercial giant who uses the hypnotic effect of his television programs to manipulate the general populace into buying his products. His technology is sharp, his power sure, his empire growing and growing, but more than any device, Mr. TV blackmails into singing on television every night by promising to one day provide new eyes for her blind child.

The scope of his business empire is never enough, no matter how large it grows. After the theft of their voices, the. TV wants to steal their words too. The only hope of stopping Mr. It recaptures the early magic of film, the feeling that anything could be possible and that the only limits are those of the imagination. It is a film that knows newer is not always better, a film that beautifully recaptures the joy and magic of the past.

His only hope is to take in the power of the Three Eyed God, the only dark force powerful enough to control the forces within his flesh. But Three Eye is proving uncooperative, leaving him no choice but to try and forcibly remove the God from others who have absorbed it, a quest that eventually leads him to a beautiful young woman whose soul he has been paid to steal… Two years ago, a brash young group of Thai filmmakers calling themselves the Ronin Team shocked the world with an ultra-gory tale of Thai teens alone in the country becoming the gruesome victims of Cambodian black magic.

So while the titling may be confusing, trust me when I say that any self-respecting gore fan will not want to miss this one. The magic here is truly as black as it gets, the power requiring extreme sacrifice, and the camera spares nothing. Get ready to squirm.

It also offers a wide range of film production and post-production services and facilities. Hong Kong is frequently visited by overseas crews making commercial films, TV programs and advertisements. Hong Kong Filmart, the annual business exhibition running concurrently with the Hong Kong International Film Festival, is a pivotal point of interaction between filmmakers and financiers. Hong Kong has a unique advantage in bridging the Chinese mainland with Western audiences and opening a window on the world for Chinese audiences. Nous sommes en En face, ce sont les forces Kuomintang.

Ensuite, la longue bataille de Gu. Fall back whenever you hear it. The fighting is furious, the toll in blood inexorable. It is here that lead actor Zhang Hanyu truly shines as the humbled yet wily Gu, a man whose spirit is shook but not shattered by war. You will dig! Seule dans la gigantesque maison, Angie se laisse rapidement gagner par la peur. Angie sera-t-elle sa prochaine victime? Replying to an ad she plucks from a bulletin board, Angie finds herself on a remote farm before the Stanton family and their adorable little boy.

The task seems simple enough. Keep an eye on the sleeping child until the parents return. Alone in the vast and sprawling house, Angie is quickly overtaken by her fears. Anonymous phone calls are shattering her peace of mind, and a Michael Myers type is lurking in the night outside. Likely responsible for a string of disappearance of young women, the eerie creep is pursued by the local sheriff Bill Moseley.

Will Angie be his next victim? In the role of Angie, Sarah Thompson amazes with an apparent fragility hiding a fierce resolve—a worthy successor to Jamie Lee Curtis. One castle. A fairy tale atmosphere corroded into darkness. This surprisingly evil short has been freaking people out on the fest circuit and is currently in the process of being expanded into a feature. Il revient, donc. Ni six.

Parfois, quand elle jouit, elle jouit trop, et tue accidentellement son partenaire. Top chrono. Tout va pour le mieux, alors. And has he ever worked to make up for lost time! Oh, and she also has seven clits and an equally amped-up sex drive that sometimes leads her to kill partners in an explosive rush of ecstasy! Her metabolism is highly irregular in a multitude of exciting ways too, and if she gets knocked up, the fetus will grow and be birthed in a matter of several hugely intense minutes.

Nevertheless, Jennifer loves to bareback, and every now and then, a mutated, living fetus is found in a hotel bathtub or an abandoned car. All fine and good, but will she ever be able to find true love?! She just might, because it so happens. Is that love in the air? Or is it something… stickier? Co-scripted and co-produced with rapper and long-time Henenlotter fan R.

Thorburn R. Its recent launch at the Philadelphia Film Festival had audiences in stitches and you, dear Fantasia fiends, will be the third audience in the world to bare witness to this outrageous, no-holds-barred creation. Are you ready for a nasty good time? You better be! Likewise, the caped crusader and his alter ego, playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne, are voiced by Kevin Conroy,.

Ce ne sera pas une partie de rigolade!

Slobs and slackers are advised to steer clear. This kind of training demands courage, stamina and perseverance! You think you got what it takes? Well, get ready for routine humiliation at the hands of older students.

KL24: Zombies [Movie] by James Lee, Gavin Yap & Shamaine Othman

Get ready for training with weapons that involves getting them smack in your face. Get ready to blindly obey the orders of your instructors. Troublemakers will be dealt with accordingly. You still interested? To honour his family, the poor pipsqueak must study the martial arts at Otoko-juku, a school with a fearsome rep.

He can hardly hold his own next to his stunningly strong fellow students, like Momo Tak Sakaguchi , a mysterious fighter who. Parodying grand and deathly serious martial arts epics such as those of Zhang Yimou, Sakaguchi nonetheless remains faithful to the core of his craft with his intense and meticulously choreographed combat sequences. On y explore. When the report is presented, the crook notices that the volume of drugs claimed to have been seized is substantially smaller than what was actually present. Not a good thing for Kang, a corrupt and alcoholic officer who uses dirty money to offset the medical costs of his wife, hospitalized in a deep coma.

Min-woo, meanwhile, secretly harbours an obsessive infatuation with Su-yeon, a young woman in his neighbourhood. One night, he gets up the nerve to approach her, but misunderstanding him, she panics and screams. He silences her and drags her to a wooded area, where in a moment of utter moral failure, he rapes her. She never sees his face, and so is unaware of his secret when several weeks later, he daringly resumes his romantic pursuit. But filmmaker Jin Kwang-kyo takes great care not to demonize his characters or to make martyrs of them.

Rather, he inquires how a person can live with such a wounded conscience, and if there are hopes of redemption for someone with such dark secrets. Jin deftly juggles the two parallel stories and delivers an effective crime thriller that maintains a high level of tension right up to the intense and unexpected conclusion. Lots of text in info block.

Dans la petite ville espagnole de Laguna, tout chavire dans le chaos. Tout baigne. Secret attempts to alter the situation have failed and now all the world leaders can do is inform the public of their impending doom. The chances of human survival after impact: zero. Within hours, the town, and likely, the entire world is in absolute chaos. When they arrive, they learn that the children there have not yet heard the horrible news, and they decide to shelter them from it, pretending that nothing is wrong.

But something is very wrong, beyond even the spectre of doomsday.

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There was a prison riot nearby and the guards simply abandoned their posts. One desperado in. Now, with the world in a blizzard of lawlessness, the killer is coming straight to them. A tense thriller staged against the backdrop of apocalypse, BEFORE THE FALL is equal parts modern Western, society falls apart drama and, in its harrowing last act, serial killer revenge thriller, all the while operating within a disarmingly quiet and minimalist approach that refuses to let the film fall into simple spectacle.

I più attesi

One for the End Times indeed. Aussi absurde que charmant. Un regard sans jugement sur un enfant exhibitionniste. Plus de 30 ans plus, tard, il anime et illustre cet entretien avec esprit et humour. A film showcasing various possibilities offered in animation. A non-judgmental look at a strange young boy with strange habits.

Persephone, the goddess of spring, is abducted to the underworld. Very entertaining. Very informative. A strange tale presented in cut-outs and 3D computer animation. Its imperialist ambitions have been unleashed, and storm clouds are slowly forming. On the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, the techniques and traditions of karate are being passed by the master Shibahara to his three students, Taikan, Giryu and Choei.

But the intrusion of the military police shatters their peace. The martial arts film, from the kung fu classics of Hong Kong through the muay thai mania of Thailand and the ninja nuttiness of Japan, has for the most part been a device for escapist entertainment, favouring visceral thrills over. Key to its success is the fact that the three leads, while competent actors, are first and foremost certified karate masters recognized and admired in their domain.

All rights reserved. Told entirely through two POV video cameras, giving the perspective of both victims and killers, THE BUTCHER throws viewers into the middle of chaos and death: a handful of people have been abducted and lie bloodied and bound on the floor of a rotting slaughterhouse. Nearby, a team of snuff-film producers are discussing their gruesome handiwork—torturing their captives to death, one by one, and selling the tapes overseas to foreign audiences hungry for footage of Koreans murdering one another.

You will not leave this movie emotionally unscathed. It tells the story of the vinyl years of pop music at the speed of light. Un de moins! Une abomination! What remains of living society has devolved into paranoid, violent scavenger packs. Out back of a disused warehouse, in which a nasty party of cocaine abuse and competitive fistfights is taking place, two dudes amuse themselves by taking potshots at staggering, slow-moving zombies. But then they train their fire on a cloaked stranger—who the bullets just bounce off of.

Who or what could possibly defeat this unstoppable abomination?! Extra points, by the way, if you added to the equation a brassy babe in biker leathers toting a gun that seemingly never needs reloading, a lovable fat guy for comic relief, and a nemesis in killer kogal gear for the main protagonist. Ne marchez pas: courez faire la queue pour voir ce surprenant et satisfaisant petit bijou! Something very strange is happening across the country. A rash of freakish deaths, through bizarre accidents or suicide, is claiming the lives of anyone with the name Sato.

Not that high school student Tsubasa Sato is giving too much thought. And with his broken, alcoholic father. And with the gang of teenage gang toughs looking to kick his ass. For Sato, though, the unreal becomes real when from one instant to the next he finds himself in a parallel version of our world, the same and yet very different. His friends have changed somehow, and more importantly, the mysterious, masked King, from his imposing tower in the heart of the city, has decreed a sort of public game of tag. Evil, hooded creeps are racing around town, murdering anyone named Sato, and they have their sights set on our hero!

Dick, an understated, eerily melancholy classical music score, and moments of true darkness. On sale after every screening! Sa figure de proue. These incredibly stylish gangster movies are equally comparable to the French New Wave, Spaghetti Westerns, and hard-boiled film noir, and this may be your only chance to see these long-lost gems, as none of them have ever been released on any home video format in the West.

Shishido plays a hitman hired by a gang to whack a rival oyabun gang boss. He does the deed with a sniper rifle, in an extended, dead silent sequence, and, together with sidekick Jerry Fujio, makes his escape. Before they can board their getaway plane, however, they are snatched by thugs from the rival gang. The mesmerising finale unfolds with a minimum of dialogue, a maximum of tough-guy daring and smarts. It borders on the surreal, but its impact is explosive. Grab your chance to see this one-off cinematic event with both hands!

Unable to choose between Mangin and another candidate, the head of a business asks the two of them to decide between themselves who will snag the only sales position available. Such a strange suggestion can only fan the flames of intense competition. It appears to be nothing more than a small jar of cosmetic cream. His life changes drastically—not only is he spotted in the street by admiring gawkers, he has no problem attracting investors for his ideas, never to mention the frenzied females throwing themselves at him.

Fame, it seems, always comes at a price. But when he meets a woman immune to his verbal charms, he falls immediately in love. Lifelong friends Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton of Portsmouth, Ohio invest their every spare moment is exploration of their local forests. The woodlands, they believe, are home to not one but many Bigfoot creatures. Their quest for fame and glory drives them to seek out a Sasquatch specialist to aid in their investigations. Il y a les zombies nouvelle vague, rapides. Le Club des sciences. Les meneuses de claques.

La Reine du Bal. La vedette rock. Est-ce une satire? Slow zombies? How about zombies that burst out of their graves in a cloud of torn earth and hit the ground running in a frenzy of fury? The teens that attend Cosa High School are all preoccupied with the usual—getting laid and getting ready for the big prom. The script is tight as a noose. All of the characters are enjoyable and well acted, lead by hilariously matter-of-fact Jared Kusnitz.

Straight horror? Satirical horror? The time: Not all the guests are… known. George A. Rien ne fonctionne plus, et il y a des. Her loving father is forced to simply look on helplessly until a string of equipment failures and a near-fire force his hand. He opts to simply take the girl out of care and return home. The hospital is… different, somehow. Est-ce une histoire de gangsters? Est-ce de la science-fiction? Gang drama? Martial arts? The latest from German technical wizards Benni Diez and Marinko Spahic is all of the above, and brilliantly so. The business that drifts into his shabby office, when there is any, is generally in the domain of straying dogs and husbands until his drinking buddy Lung shows up, spooked as hell, with a very strange job for Tam.

Lung claims a nameless woman seeks to kill him, and all he can give Tam to work with is a photo. Hong Kong heartthrob Aaron Kwok is thoroughly likeable as the bemused and confused Tam, and potato-faced character actor Shing Fui-On, a Hong Kong fixture for years, is an added prize, as is the particularly original and effective score peppered with a dash of retro-funky Thai pop music. New 35mm print! Although abundantly trained in the martial arts, he is no match for Master San Te, the creator of the 36th Chamber of Shaolin, who constantly overpowers his younger, more agile disciples in matters of both body and mind.

Exhausted by his frequent defeats, Fong seeks to escape his prison and crosses paths with a governor Jason Pai , who rewards him with a yellow robe granting immunity from any Manchu. Will Fong feed his foolish ego and betray the Shaolin Temple? A direct descendent of several generations of masters, with a virile sense of creativity, Lau kept things fresh by pushing the limits of kung fu choreography with such dynamic set pieces such as the unforgettable wall-training sequences, the water log combat, the stool-fighting scene and of course the exciting finale, when the heroes literally crash a wedding.

An international overdose of humour and strangeness without shame. Australians K. As with every year, arrive early because XL5 is the only Fantasia programmer with a record of strating 20 minutes early! DJ XL5 is a local multimedia artist whose short-film programs and special events have traveled across Canada to film festivals, repertory theatres and other events. His mother died a solitary death while Bobby was inside, isolated by her own growing madness and paranoia. And so while New York City ensures that Bobby is always surrounded with life, he is nevertheless on his own.

Laranas puts a familiar face on evil and that makes it all the more effective. The visually stunning film centers on an unusual photograph dating back to the s. An investigation of its particulars reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of kidnapping and murder captured in a haunting moment. Following this tragedy, power is handed to Muyong, who for his part has a better idea. He will train the princess Feier to become a legendary warrior, so that she might assume the throne in time.

Wu Ba will not allow himself to be robbed of power, not by a bastard son and certainly not by a young girl. He sets his sights on the elimination of Feier. When the assassination attempt takes place, the princess is rescued by a nature-loving young hermit, a man who will teach her lessons that fall outside the realm of warfare. Since that time, Yen has inexorably scaled the ranks of his craft, appearing on screen alongside some of the most important names in the field, including Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse and Sammo Hung. A gobsmacking cross between Charlie Kaufman and William Shakespeare, it is unquestionably the most original Canadian film of the year.

By coming at the tropes of the film noir from an entirely unexpected angle, Jeremy Thomas fashions an audacious debut feature shot through with bitter laughter, pulling the strings of myriad contradictory emotions with a blend of uncanny hallucinatory visions, gripping and tightly executed action scenes, and side-splitting moments of absurdist comedy.

Numerous signs around him clearly suggest that his acts and decisions follow a preordained logic. A stranger in ghastly garb has been seen lurking about the streets of his neighbourhood, his appearances coinciding with a string of inexplicable disappearances. He accepts her request, oblivious to the fact that his worst fears may soon be confirmed.

Amazon, Amazon. A staff composed largely of medical students learning their trade. A mysterious body discovered frozen into the ice. There has been a lot of talk among critics and festivals over the past few years about an apparent slump in the Korean film industry, which at one point seemed to produce a major, exciting new talent every week. Loaded with sumptuous photography, disturbing imagery and a strong cast, EPITAPH will simply burrow its way in to you, leaving its mark long after the final frame has run. A cleverly realized animated reflection on fear, coming to Fantasia fresh out of screening in competition at Cannes.

Do we love this film around here? Hell, yes. But your mother would probably hate it. Based on a popular cult novel, it tells the story of Dries, a successful author approached by a band of down-and-outers who want him to join up and drum for them for one gig only, an upcoming battle of the bands. The catch? The guitar player is a half-deaf junkie who leaves his infant daughter to play in filth.

Dries has no such disability. He takes the gig purely on a lark, seeing in the band fodder for his future work, but as he engages in his slum tourism, it becomes clear that Dries is the most severely crippled of them all. It is a bruising experience not easily forgotten. Arts Council! Funded by the U.

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Pauvre Johnny! Johnny veut riposter. Il sort son canif. Il existe un. Et Johnny se remet en marche. Venez vous amuser follement aussi! It all ends with bodies pooling blood on the dancehall floor and Johnny plunging to a watery, unmarked grave when he runs his car off the road mid-escape. Jump to the present and Faye Dunaway as a tough as nails Memphis cop on professional exchange to Wales. The only thing harder than her attitude is the wood of her artificial arm. But before paperwork can be filed or next of kin notified, the young man emerges from his ride, rotting flesh returned to life by the power of the rockabilly music broadcast from a local pirate radio station.

His next moves are obvious: find Sally and kill the surviving gang members who tormented him in life. Toutes les mers sont devenues du sang. Twisted metal, crumbled buildings, carcasses of man and animal litter the ground. The seas have turned to blood, the sky has turned to ash. All that remains of humanity are the passengers of a solitary train pushing onward, ever onward, through the devastation.

Nobody knows where they are going or even why, all they know is that there is no going back. This is the world of FROM INSIDE , a world that we share with one passenger on the train—a pregnant woman robbed of everything and everyone valuable in her life by the apocalypse, struggling to come to terms with what it means to bring a new life into such a hopeless world.

Bergin himself is a sort of multi-pronged artist—a musician who appeared on the soundtrack to THE CROW and who has done collaborative work with Jarboe from Swans, Bergin is also a highly sought-after graphic designer and visual artist who spent years animating FROM INSIDE himself on his home computer, using the imagery from his own graphic novel of the same name as a starting point. An amazing little film that hits with quiet, powerful force. Hell comes to the streets of Grovetown after an alienated teenager blows his brains out in front his girlfriend.

Within hours, she too is dead. By the following morning, there has been a third suicide. The town is in a state of panic. The only known link is that each new suicide had been in contact with the previous one within hours of their demise. The town believes that witchcraft may be at play. What about the non-devout?

Blood continues to flow and tensions escalate to a violent fever pitch. Papamichael makes a subversive film all the more radical by mounting it as a teen horror vehicle populated with a hip cast that includes Thomas Decker, Elizabeth Rice and Rumer Willis. This is a major departure from the conventions of teen horror and audiences expecting a light, empty-headed scare ride are in for a very unpleasant surprise. Que va donc faire Igarashi? Though he still has one full year of university remaining, Igarashi has already passed the bar exam and is well on his way to a career as a high-powered lawyer.

But Igarashi has one major problem—a serious accident a year before has left him with no short-term memory.

He cannot learn anything new and gets by only with the help of detailed notes and photographs taken every day and left for himself to find in the morning. Clearly his dream of becoming a lawyer is impossible now, so what is Igarashi to do? Become a masked wrestler, of course! Quirky, laugh-out-loud funny, laced with typically Japanese melodrama and good old-fashioned root-for-the-littleguy pathos, GACHI BOY comes at you from all angles and does it so well that I dare you to not stand up and cheer when Igarashi steps into the ring for his.

He still has dreams, but has to fight through a churning sea of blood to make them real. It unfolds minus the usual shouts and grunts, the only sound coming from a female singer crooning obliviously in the next room. The climax is the not standard triumph of gangster right over wrong. Instead it underlines one stark truth: for Goro there is no easy way out of the world that nurtured him. We should emphasize again that this Canadian premiere screening is an unrepeatable, unique event. The chance to see these films is a true one-off that no serious fan of Japanese cinema can possibly afford to miss!

The talents orbiting this operation are top-notch, among the most intensely original and inventive artists in the animation field today—but Fantasia regulars already know this. Tenterons de capturer le voleur. Il a lu sur la psychologie criminelle. De la magie pure! Jeong Jae-yeong livre une performance formidable.

Most people would describe him as being a bit obsessive about things, which has resulted in his being demoted from investigator to traffic cop. He lives and works in the small Korean town of Sampo, whose citizens are quite well off—meaning that there are plenty of banks just begging to be robbed. When a newly appointed police chief discovers the town is in the middle of a crime wave and its citizenry losing confidence in their police force, he decides the best solution to the problem is to instigate a highly publicised training exercise in which they would simulate a bank robbery and show everyone how efficiently the force would respond to this emergency.

He chooses Jung for the role of the robber in this unscripted role-playing exercise, a decision he soon comes to regret. Having prepared himself for the escapade by studying criminal psychology and casing his chosen. Soon the whole nation is glued to its TV sets, watching the situation escalate from bank robbery to hostage taking to mass mayhem and beyond! With the cleverest premise for a film in ages, first-time director Ra Heechan turns the traditional bank heist movie on its head, subverting all the conventions of the genre while at the same time managing to work in elements of satire and social criticism, slapstick and more subtle forms of humour— and the result is magical.

Jeong Jae-yeong is fabulous as Jung, tackling the most absurd situations with grim determination and bringing a vital touch of sympathetic humanity to what could have been a cold character. Despite the comedic elements, the director injects some real suspense and drama to the proceedings—a difficult balancing act to achieve, realised with great skill. A must-see! Retiring to a small rural town with his grandfather, he finds a new and more peaceful existence, working as a farmer and selling vegetables at the local market.

Even though content in his new life, when a nationwide cooking competition offers him the chance to take on his long-time rival, Seong-Chan embarks on a journey that will forever change his view of the world and lead him to the most startling revelations. SeongChan can only struggle to overcome every adversity with a quiet dignity.

Based on a popular manga series that began in , LE GRAND CHEF is a heart-warming tale about friendship, family and loyalty that will both bring a tear to your eye and have you rocking with laughter. The cooking competitions depicted in the movie reveal the beauty and elegance of the art. Kwan est malheureux en amour. Kwan en a assez. Mais toujours dingue! Vraiment un choix non-conventionnel! Kwan is a loser at love. The fact he was born with two left arms makes him a curiosity to women, but too much difference proves unwelcome and girlfriends invariably leave.

He fills his days with work, sorting mail at the post office. One day, Kwan gets dumped by the latest in a line of ex-girlfriends, then learns the horrible news that his tailor since childhood, a man who has always been there to design special three-sleeved shirts for him, has died. Kwan is fed up. He sets off on a journey to Bangkok to take a doctor up on a charitable offer of free amputation.

It works the outrageous into something that gradually begins to feel like the everyday, eschewing the louder kookiness that you might expect in favour of something understated and sweet. And still kooky! Talk about an unconventional choice! The third-arm effects are ingeniously executed, never relying on optical or digital work.

Instead, careful staging, blocking and extraordinary coordination between Latha and a second off-camera performer are used to perfection. Gets under your skin. Clare Cady McClain est psychiatre. Il semble que leur comportement devient de plus en plus dangereux. Clare Cady McClain is a psychiatrist. David Adrian Pasdar is a Lutheran minister. Ten-year-old twins Jack and Emily played brilliantly by actual siblings Austin and Amber Williams are out of their minds.

Clare recently bought a video camera to document her sessions, but neither parent can resist co-opting it to use for home movies. Everything we see is limited to what they have shot of each other. Shortly afterward, a tender moment is interrupted when Emily quietly kills a frog. And it appears that their behaviour has lately been getting far more dangerous.

After a particularly savage incident trust me, it will freeze your blood , Clare tries to do home counseling with her own children as patients, but this fails miserably. Medicine fails. Religion fails. The film is also shot through with fascinating subtext. For one, the camera itself is an agent of empowerment, those holding it attaining a degree of control that they clearly lack without it. Vrais arbres, vrais animaux, et vraies odeurs. The only ones allowed out are high-ranking politicians and corporate bigwigs, and of course their heavily militarized escorts.

Paul is an ace at the vivid, virtual-reality hunting games, but his heart hungers for the real thing, the chance to hunt live game in the true outdoors, as his forefathers did.

A friend with a little pull in the government can arrange a furtive visit to the wild—but thanks to a top-secret experiment gone awry and other dire developments, Paul and his friends will have to put their real killing skills to. Straight outta the Saguenay comes this ambitious and capably crafted slice of DIY sci-fi fun. Un autre Tiffanatique notoire est Kelly McCormick. Depuis, Tiffany occupe son esprit nuit et jour.

Vous aurez envie de leur gueuler en plein visage, et, une minute plus tard, vous aurez envie de les serrer dans vos bras. Une projection dont vous vous souviendrez. Hilarious and ultimately heartbreaking, this extraordinary doc drops you headfirst into the worlds of two of her most obsessive fans. Jeff also loves conspiracy theories. Both are tragic yet likeable if sometimes more than a little creepy eccentrics. You will find yourself alternately wanting to scream at them and give them a giant hug, and you will desperately wish that you could see them find happiness outside of their fantasies.

Pas de dialogues. Des teintes ocres et terreuses. He also happens to be a gun dealer. His routine is broken only by the occasional fights he picks with whoever happens to be nearby. One morning, he wakes up with angel wings inexplicably growing out of his back. He can now fly and do somewhat incredible things. But he is no angel. After his large-scale, colour-drenched, celebrity-voiced indie epic HAIR HIGH , Bill Plympton has taken shelter in the opposite extreme, creating a raw, strippeddown feature that returns to the basics of his award-winning cult shorts.

There is no dialogue. There are few characters. Colours are dirt earthy. Pencil lines and scratch-shadows lend gritty texture to everything. As always, he takes wicked pleasure in deconstructing human behaviour and imaginatively accentuating mundane, everyday actions into twisted absurdities and sometimes, revolting grotesquery. In the midst of. We watch a man taking a shot of booze from the perspective of his mouth. With nobody but her little brother and her mom for company, Lulu fights off boredom by burying herself in a variety of books about black magic.

The topic is so salient to Lulu that she even entertains herself by summoning the dead by way of an Ouija board and a bunch of candles. A little game to pass the time, nothing more. Lulu has to stop him—even if it means being out after bedtime! Even if it is aimed primarily at a pre-teen audience, ISLAND packs in enough darkness and sheer creepiness to please any lover of genre film. Primo, sa blonde est une chipie. Des acteurs de soutien hilarants. The cause of the monster invasion? A memorable antihero, genuinely funny support players, squishy effects and a career-highlight-reel performance from Englund, who shows a surprising gift for physical slapstick comedy.

Prepare to have your Yuletides yacked! Yanka has also found employment with the police department. While her line of work may at times be trying, she nonetheless lives a peaceful and pleasant life, allowing her to leave her painful past behind her—until it returns to haunt her. A series of vicious murders obligates her to tenaciously pursue a sadistic killer. As the mutilated bodies pile up at a fearful rate, Yanka realizes that the clues the murderer leaves behind are directed at her. In this sequel to the twisted classic of fantastic cinema, Emmanuelle Escourrou reprises the role of Yanka as well as co-scripting.

And they will not be days of rest and contemplation. A horrifying disease has wiped out a community in Thailand, killing all in the village save a single boy. The trail leads back to a dire terrorist group with apocalyptic intentions. L, until now so safely sealed off from the world in his hermetic realm, will be forced to venture out into the real world to pit his powerful mind against this awful threat.

The logged-on gather in chat rooms to express their erotic desires and indulge in rituals of pleasure before their digital cameras. By way of Webcams, Blyth assembles the eloquent confessions of the taboo-breaking men and women. With a disconcerting honesty, this experimental doc will make you question your boundaries and. Timid and introverted, he finds himself victimized on a near-daily basis by bullies whose attacks often go so far as to draw blood.

Outside of school, he spends most of his time alone in the comfort that only isolation can bring to the socially uncomfortable. Lately, Oskar has been assembling a notebook full of newspaper clippings related to a string of murders plaguing his neighbourhood. Bodies are being found bound and blood-drained, their necks utterly smashed. He is fascinated. One night, he meets his new neighbour, a quiet young girl named Eli.

Eli is also Eli has been 12 for a very long time. She is a vampire, frequently forced to commit grisly acts lest her body begins to rot. Both are drawn to each other for similar but different reasons. Eli gives Oskar the same sense of connection, which in his case is an altogether new. A strength that both will use to make his schoolyard tormenters pay. It follows the classical rules of vampire mythology, updating each of them in startling new ways, while hitting hard as both an outsider coming-of-age film and a mysterious love story that explores the darker side of adolescent alienation.

No wonder that JJ Abrams has become infatuated with the film and is trying to get a U. Director Tomas Alfredson has emerged with an uncompromising masterpiece—and an instant classic of modern horror cinema. Tell your children——the toys they so love to roughhouse and abuse do have lives, and are capable of defending themselves. This highly. Few people have the chance to feel it in their lives, but In-ho found it already in his youth with the lovely Mi-ju.

Fate can be cruel, though, as when it obliges Mi-ju to leave town for reasons unknown. The pair do find each other again years later, but bad news seems to hound Mi-ju, all alone following the horrific deaths of her mother and brother. In-ho swears to stand by and watch over her, knowing full well that misfortune remains an eternal millstone around her neck. Mi-ju has come into the clutches of a particularly unsavoury crook, and the outcome of this awful situation drives Mi-ju to flee for japan and plants In-ho in prison. His time served, In-ho is released only to fall in with a gangster, and it is only in the direst of circumstances that he will again see the woman he loves.

Following the same semiautobiographical path as his tremendous hit FRIEND, Kwak draws inspiration here on the experiences of his childhood friends, injecting great credibility into his tale. The same flair for realism informs the fight scenes in A LOVE , episodes of brutal and unvarnished violence in which one genuinely feels those involved are fighting for their lives. Des ninjas! Ils la torturent, et lui coupent un bras. A flying guillotine! The devastating drill bra! And of course the cute, teenage schoolgirl with a machinegun for an arm. The story? Ami is a typical college girl.

They torture her and hack her arm right off. Ami escapes, barely alive, and is taken in by the owners of a machine shop who build her a customized, bullet-spewing arm. From that point, the quest for revenge is on in earnest. Lurching about as though controlled like a puppet, Bun demands that Ho pack him in a suitcase and kick him down many flights of stairs. Bun emerges at the bottom, battered and bruised, with the spark of revelation in his eye. Soon thereafter, Bun is thrown off the force after presenting his own severed ear to his superior.

Years later, though, Ho comes seeking Bun and his uncanny talents, to assist in a shady case involving two cops and. Key to pulling it off is a bravura performance by Lau Ching-wan like To, a guest of Fantasia almost a decade ago! South Korean soldiers grab their gear and pour into the planes that will take them to the mysterious destination to which they have been deployed.

With hushed excitement, they contemplate confronting their sworn enemies to the north. Their comforting calm is about to be shattered, however. The army has been dispatched to suppress the student uprising, and will do so with excessive and indiscriminate force, brutalizing bystanders and. Over the course of mere days, the violence will escalate, citizens will band together as a militia to defend themselves, Gwangju will explode and Min-woo will find himself caught at the eye of the storm.

May 18, is a date that to this day harbours a somber resonance for South Koreans, recalling a tragedy that left over civilians dead and vast numbers wounded. The gripping recreation of the events that occurred in Gwangju on and following that date slowly but surely builds to a fever pitch, capturing the scale and complexity of the Gwangju uprising without losing sight of the human beings, the regular folks with strengths, flaws and bonds of the heart who were swept by history into desperate defiance. PDF Kindle. Der Kinder- Software- Ratgeber. PDF Download. Deux merles blancs PDF Online.

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