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Hayden Christensen , and brothers Jake Michael Ealy and Jesse Chris Brown Attica successfully complete their latest heist and lead a life of luxury while planning their next job. When Ghost Tip T. As the "takers" carefully plot their strategy and draw nearer to exacting the grand heist, a reckless police officer Matt Dillon inches closer to apprehending the criminals. Written by The Massie Twins.

The plot for this film does not need to be explained. The third element in the blender, mentioned above, along with a script short on genuine character development You'll sometimes forget that Hayden Christensen and Zoe Saldana are in it are distracting for a film which develops a serious tone, but there are positives, depending on your genre preferences. The film moves along briskly, even as we deal with a cringe-worthy first half, and when the actual robbery gets going, the fun starts. Though the cinematography is modeled too much off of the Bourne-style shaky cam, the set pieces are still very well pulled off.

The extended car chases and shootouts contain a level of energy and suspense that really makes them standout, comparable to similar scenes in the above mentioned films, along with an on-foot chase clearly modeling itself off of the Madagascar chase in Casino Royale. Every car whizzing by, bone crunch or gunshot affects the audience due to mostly- proper use of slow motion, and great editing, both sound and film wise. The melodrama may make some engaged viewers start laughing due to how it's put on screen, but as the stakes get higher, gels with the storyline.

The main cast, considering the material they are given, do the best they can, and their charisma is enough for us to care about them when the stakes get REALLY high, particularly in the case of Matt Dillon and Idris Elba.

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It's highly unoriginal and contains several other elements worthy of nitpicking, but after evaluating how I had spent the past minutes of my life, I think it got the job done. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.

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User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective. Director: John Luessenhop. From metacritic. Viaplay movies. Films to watch. The Bourne Identity Excellent spy flick starring Matt Damon.

More proof that if you are running from the cops in the tight streets of a European city, it is hard to beat a Mini. Goldfinger Legendary gadget-laden Aston Martin DB5 makes its debut, as does the famously named Pussy Galore and Oddjob with his deadly bowler hat. Mission Impossible 2 More a car fight scene than a car chase scene. Jack Reacher Tom Cruise rips through the US in a bad-arse Chevelle, with half-a-dozen car chases making this for a must-see flick for car fans.

Convoy A fast-paced, easy-watching old-school movie where a couple of truckies break for the Mexican border after a minor disagreement with the constabulary in a bar. Mad Max: Fury Road The Road Warrior navigates his way through the turmoil of a post-apocalyptic world in what is essentially one big desert car chase. Highwaymen After hero James Cray has his wife mowed down by a lunatic, he saddles up his Barracuda and stops at nothing to run down the perpetrator. The Chain Reaction Dirty Deeds Gangster movie set in the Sydney in the late s.

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Running From The Guns Freedom Young bloke gets retrenched from his job making twin carby manifolds for grey motors, so he steals a Turbo. Stone The bike strong funeral procession is pretty special, as is the Z chase through the streets of suburban Sydney. Metal Skin Dystopic exploration of illegal drag racing and modified car culture in suburban Australia. Some nice racing scenes, plus a chase in an Auscar! Two Hands The Big Steal Danny wants a girl and a Jag. Jags are nice, but Danny's mate's Monaro is nicer. In The Red BMX Bandits When a group of young BMX riders sell some mysterious CB radios for a quick buck, they find themselves being pursued by criminals in this classic 80s Aussie flick.

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  • The French Connection Filmed in real time and without permission from the authorities, every crash and every near miss is real. The Italian Job Pommy crims punt a pack of Mini Coopers through the streets of Turin. Best bit: Still very funny. Ronin Great chase scene filmed in real time and a single take, featuring an Audi with nitrous. The Seven Ups A couple of Pontiacs race through the streets of NYC, pulling heaps of air in the process. Grand Theft Auto Grand Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry The car: Dodge Charger. The hook: Awesome chase action and amazing final sequence.

    Baby Driver The first five minutes really set the scene, with Baby escaping in a Subaru WRX following a bank job, in one of the best movie chase scenes ever. Drive Ryan Gosling is a getaway driver, giving Drive plenty of opportunity to indulge in some thrilling CGI-free car chases. Shopping Two Lane Blacktop Trivia: The same Chev was used in American Graffiti. Repo Man The Cars That Ate Paris Smokey and the Bandit II The sequel to the first fanger, the second film is a bit lacklustre when it comes to action and storyline.

    Still worth a watch with some mates and a few bevs. Starsky and Hutch The modern adaptation of the classic s TV show, this film nails its 70s setting and has more going for it than just the hero red-and-white Gran Torino.

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    The true story of a Kiwi homemade motorbike builder with a dream of breaking speed records on the Bonneville salt flats. Hell Drivers White Line Fever The story of a man battling the corrupt world of highway trucking. The FJ Holden Promoted as a happy slice of nostalgia, but is actually a bleak look at what it was to be a young adult in western Sydney in the 70s. The epitome of s cool.

    Watch for the destruction of a very collectable Ferrari GT California. Better Off Dead A very funny flick that stands up well to repeated viewings. Back To The Future Michael J Fox is sent back to in a time machine constructed from a DeLorean — a stainless steel-bodied, gullwing-equipped, mid-engined sports car. Cars The movie we all wish we had growing up as revheads.

    Cars 2 The sequel to the groundbreaking Cars , it was sadly less car racing and more James Bond. Cars 3 The redemption for the Cars trilogy after the dismal Cars 2, Cars 3 takes us back to racing action and a palatable storyline. Driven Senna Rush Based on the infamous rivalry between James Hunt and Nicki Lauda, Rush takes you through the trials and turmoil of F1 racing in the 70s. Funny Car Summer Le Mans Six Pack A former champion driver takes six young would-be car thieves under his wing as he attempts to return to the professional circuit.

    Grand Prix Probably the best motor racing flick ever. Features real footage of grand prix racing shot at Monza and Monaco, among others, complete with all the spills. Heart Like A Wheel A biopic of Top Fuel legend, Shirley Muldowney. Christine A young fella buys a crusty Plymouth Fury and is pleased when it magically restores itself.

    He is less pleased to find it is possessed by evil! Duel A travelling salesman and his six-pot Plymouth Valiant are hunted down in the desert by one seriously pissed-off truckie. The ultimate road rage flick. The Car A strange car terrorises the people of a small town. Custom work by George Barris.

    Death Car On The Freeway A freak in a van gets his thrills running innocent citizens off the road. Wheels Of Terror A possessed car stalks kiddies in a village, so the bus driver gets behind the wheel of a stomping supercharged V8-powered bus to save the day. The Wraith Horror show plot showcases some very cool street machines. American Graffitti The Hollywood Knights Think American Graffiti meets Porkys and you are there. Not for kiddies. Dragstrip Girl Rite-of-passage story about an year-old girl encountering boys, hot rods and drag strips.

    B-grade with a capital B. Hot Rod Pertinent in this day and age of the conflict between sponsorship, financially struggling racers, and getting hoons to race in relatively safe environments. Hot Rod Girl The Wild Ride Smokey And The Bandit Cannonball Run Corvette Summer Catch Me If You Can The solution? Win the cash at the illegal street drags of course! Fast Company Tucker Not exciting, but interesting. Banzai Runner Black Moon Rising Thunder Road Robert Mitchum plays a bootlegger in a Ford being pursued by the feds.

    The California Kid Cannonball Another cool race-across-America flick. Daddy-O Death Race Death Sport Desert Steel The Devil On Wheels Was misguidedly used in drivers education programs in the States, inspiring many teenagers to become hot rodders.

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    The Rock The original. Falsely charged with murder, the hero attempts to elude the law by stealing a car and entering the Pebble Beach race to make it over the border. Faster Pussycat! Gumball Rally The Junkman This time he manages to destroy 60 more cars than he did the first time around! The Last American Hero The Love Bug Spawned a whole series of sequels, including one where Herbie gets it on with a Lancia. The Herbie series subliminally affected the subconscious of an entire nation Mexico , so they continued building VW Beetles way past their use-by date.

    Malcolm My Science Project Has some cool s lines, too. Rebel Without A Cause Made James Dean the poster boy for most of the hot rod generation. Dean plays Jim Stark, a troubled teen from the right side of the tracks who is alienated from his parents and peers. The climactic scene is a real cliffhanger. Red Line Possibly the most infamous footage of a street-driven car ever.