Chasing the Wind: A Novel

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Your descriptions were so vivid that I found myself lost in Port Haven and had trouble returning to my living room. In part because of the settings, but mostly because you write so beautifully.

Chasing the wind: Gr 7 - 12

I never even suspected the real murderer! I am an avid reader. But most of the books I read, usually by well-known authors, are soon forgotten. Yours will be remembered for a very long time. Thank you, thank you! This is a fabulous book. With that, you resurrected a far less fictitious, yet memorable world, though one in which I now am far too old to relive. We wish many more literary successes.

I only read it when I was traveling. I read part of it on my way to South Carolina; another part on my way to Nashville; and finally finished during my most recent trip to Idaho!

Reading the Past: Adventures in flight: Chasing the Wind by C.C. Humphreys

That amazingly divided the book into thirds, so I read the first third about Johnny Necaise and Necaise Crossing…paused…read the second third about Carol Ann and the marriage and events while Coop was away…paused…and finished the last third with Cecile and the denouement! Andy, I thoroughly enjoyed your book! The nice thing about knowing the author is that I could hear you saying the sentences, as though you were telling me, and only me, a story! Your vocabulary is awesome.

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Look at Andy go! Many times I could actually see the scene in my mind.

Chasing the Wind A Novel

So many of those descriptions referred to products and events from numerous time periods long gone. I enjoyed being put in memory of Buster Brown shoes and the like. I marveled that you could describe some events with such detail, all the while praying you truly had never had such an actual experience. Your imagination is splendid…a true gift from God! Your characters came alive. I detested some of them and loved others…the perfect combination of good versus evil.

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I read every word on the page…no skimming over words. I got amused with myself while I was reading your action sections. I was racing through every word…reading much faster than I normally do. I loved it! Your descriptions seemed to push me forward, eager to discover the next twist in the plot. All in all, you have a treasure on your hands…something of which you can be very proud. The mystery and suspense had me turning page after page until the very last one! The book was so artfully written, that I was not able to figure out the cause of the murders until you revealed what occurred.

Your depiction of the hurricane and its aftermath was spot on! I also love the way you described the manner in which the mother was able to move on with her life by painting, and always including either a little boy in the painting or his toys. I truly hope that you will continue to write additional novels.

I am officially one of your greatest fans!!

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  • I was impressed with your first novel. It held my attention, with its twists and turns, I could not stop reading when I started. The characters each had such distinct personalities that reeled me in their web of danger. I felt drawn into the book as if I were standing in the middle just watching the story unfold! Anyway I digress. As I was saying, people absolutely loved Roxy. For me, she grew on me. She was brazen, unrefined, and yet could fake it if she had to. The only thing that I struggled with was that she seemed to get herself into a lot of situations that were resolved mostly by luck rather than pure tenacity on her part.

    This was a much different story than I was imagining. I think I was expecting something more cozy and romantic rather than brash and gritty but I loved it all the same. I think the thing that I liked the most was the new angle the author took on a very worn out subject. For those of you who love historical fiction….. So many things.

    Chasing the Wind

    Most of the books are set in London or France though but this book takes an entirely new and fresh approach to this period. We first meet Roxy on her way to Africa and ultimately she travels to Spain. These are areas that I think most of us have forgotten existed during the war.

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    But Humphreys takes us into unchartered territory which I absolutely loved! The author really capitalizes on that unease and I loved it. It was refreshing and I was eager to keep reading this story. He clearly did a ton of research for this novel and I loved that he went bold and made the main character a woman rather than a man. I had great fun with this book and this character and flew through the reading of the book, i really do recommend it, there are very few people who can write such wonderful characters.

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